Production Population Control: My Cattle are Rabbits!

Tuesday, December 08, 2020 - 4:05 pm4:25 pm

Alex Nauda, Nobl9


Kubernetes promised that your pets would become cattle, but cloud environments in practice behave much more like rabbits. They aren't quite a pet, but still high maintenance. They reproduce too quickly, and you know someone in your team cares about each one. How can you securely manage the proliferation of virtual infrastructure across dev, staging, pre-production, and real honest-to-goodness prod environments? How can you ensure product velocity and rapid iteration while ensuring that everything gets the attention and support that it deserves?

The key is understanding how much you and your organization care about each environment. One way to capture this in metrics is by defining and measuring service level objectives (SLOs).

Alex Nauda, Nobl9

Alex Nauda is CTO of Nobl9, he is helping organizations improve the reliability and performance of their cloud-native applications. He started his career in the performance management of Data Warehousing in the days of magnetic storage and backplanes. Since the days of the web, he has focused on product development in media and the public cloud.

Alex lives in Boston where he grows vegetables under LEDs and teaches juggling at a non-profit community circus school.

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