Achieving the Ultimate Performance with KVM

Wednesday, December 09, 2020 - 11:30 am12:10 pm

Boyan Krosnov, StorPool Storage


Many companies build new-age KVM clouds, only to find out that their applications & workloads do not perform well. In this talk, I'll show the audience how to get the most out of their KVM cloud and how to optimize it for performance: People will understand why performance matters and how to measure it properly. I'll show how to optimize CPU and memory for ultimate performance and how to tune the storage layer for performance. I'll outline what are the main components of an efficient new-age cloud and which network components work best. In addition, I'll show how to select the right hardware to achieve unmatched performance for new-age cloud and applications.

Boyan Krosnov, StorPool Storage

Boyan Krosnov is a Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of StorPool Storage, an SDS company specializing in high performance, high-reliability storage systems for public and private clouds. He is in charge of cloud infrastructure in the KVM ecosystem, helping small and large cloud operators build and maintain all aspects of their public and private clouds. In previous lives, Boyan was a co-founder of a packet processing (SDN) company and built several service providers (ISPs, FTTH) from scratch.

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