Incident Response in Unfamiliar Sociotechnical Systems: One Incident Commander's Challenges Supporting Inter-organizational Anomaly Response in the Age of COVID-19

Tuesday, December 08, 2020 - 11:30 am12:10 pm

Morgan Collins, Salesforce


The Incident Command System (ICS) has become an increasingly utilized tool for incident response within modern enterprise software and cloud computing organizations. With the unique challenges of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, companies are also seeing the introduction of additional strain on organizations that are working to facilitate mission critical support while adjusting to rapidly increasing service load as a result of a historic increase in remote work and web commerce opportunities. I welcome you to join me as I go into hilarious detail on the origins of ICS, the ways that I have seen it adopted within private enterprise, and the challenges that have been encountered from the increased interorganizational incident response as a result of COVID-19. From there, I'll discuss ways I recommend tackling these problems, as well as how to utilize immediate post incident discussions to strengthen lessons learned and expertise moving forward.

Morgan Collins, Salesforce

Morgan Collins has worked in technical engineering and operations for almost twenty years. From ISPs to managed security and cloud providers, Morgan's experience has had a strong focus on systems engineering and incident response. Most recently Morgan has worked as a Director of Site Reliability at Salesforce before moving to his current role within the company as a Principal SRE focused on incident response and analysis.

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