SRE & Product Management: How to Level up Your Team (and Career!) by Thinking like a Product Manager

Thursday, 3 October, 2019 - 16:45–17:30

Jen Wohlner, Livepeer


SRE and product management—do those even go together? Yes! In this talk, we'll go over small ways and big strategies to form sustainable, impactful relationships with your users and build products that they love whether or not your SRE team has an official product manager. SRE teams' users are other engineers, data scientists, designers, and anyone else who pushes code at your company. It's not enough to build perfectly engineered platforms and tooling. SRE teams must build scalable, opinionated, USABLE products and workflows. This talk will give you the framework to get there and show you what traits translate to good product managers.

Jen Wohlner, Livepeer

Jen Wohlner leads product management at Livepeer, a decentralized video transcoding and live-streaming platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Before Livepeer, Jen was the product manager for platform engineering at Fastly, an edge cloud platform that provides a content delivery network, Internet security products, load balancing, and video and streaming services for major companies across the globe. Previously, Jen worked as a senior technical program manager for site reliability engineering at LinkedIn where she had a special focus on resiliency projects across LinkedIn's stack and at BuzzFeed where she led the software infrastructure and tools infrastructure groups. In her spare time, Jen runs marathons, cooks feasts for her wife, draws, makes ceramics, and serves as vice chair on the board of directors for the Point Foundation, the nation's largest LGBT scholarship fund for higher education.

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