Automating HA Deployments with BGP, IPv6, and Anycast

Wednesday, 2 October, 2019 - 11:0012:30

John Studarus, JHL Consulting LLC


Using BGP to load balancing and failover an application to increase site reliability has traditionally been expensive and tricky. In this workshop, we’ll walk through setting up a multi-host load-balanced and fail-over web application using BGP and open source technologies including Terraform, BGP, BIRD, an open source router, and IPv6.

John Studarus, JHL Consulting LLC

John merges his interests in computing infrastructure, networking, and software security. His background includes leading product teams, writing prototype code and examining distributed systems at Fortune 500s and startups alike. He brings a rare combination of technical expertise and product strategy and is just as comfortable writing code as he is developing a product strategy.

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