What I Wish I Knew before Going On-Call

Friday, 2019, October 4 - 09:0010:30

Chie Shu and Dorothy Jung, Yelp


Firefighting a broken system is time-sensitive and stressful, but becomes even more challenging as teams and systems evolve. As an on-call engineer, scaling processes among humans is an important problem to solve. How do we ramp up new engineers effectively? How can we bring existing on-call engineers up to speed? In this workshop we’ll share common myths among new on-call engineers and the Do’s and Don’ts of on-call onboarding, as well as run through hands-on activities you can take back to work and apply directly to your own on-call processes.

Chie Shu, Yelp

Chie Shu is a backend Software Engineer at Yelp. She has worked on improving Yelp's revenue-critical Ads data pipeline to be more resilient to system failures, and designed heuristics used internally by executives and Product Managers to assess the financial impact of on-call incidents. Chie holds a bachelor's degree in Computational Biology from Cornell University.

Dorothy Jung, Yelp

Dorothy Jung is a backend Software Engineer at Yelp. At Yelp she served as a "pushmaster", managing and monitoring company-wide deployments to production; and as a release engineering deputy, helping to set up CI/CD pipelines within the Ads organization. She was previously at DreamWorks Animation R&D, where she worked on upgrading the studio's build management tools. Dorothy holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and French from the University of California, Berkeley.

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