Zero Touch Prod: Towards Safer and More Secure Production Environments

Wednesday, 2 October, 2019 - 16:0016:45

Michał Czapiński and Rainer Wolafka, Google Switzerland


Many outages are caused by human mistakes when interacting with the production environment: typos when running the tools, accidentally running tests against production systems, errors in configuration files etc. In addition, there is a risk of such outages being caused by malicious insider actors. Zero Touch Prod (ZTP) mitigates those risks by providing principles and tooling to make all production changes via automation, safe proxies, or audited break-glass.

Michał Czapiński, Google Switzerland

Michał Czapiński is a senior SRE focusing on security and safety of the compute infrastructure at Google. Before joining Google Switzerland in 2014, he had received a PhD in High-Performance Computing at Cranfield University (UK). Outside of work he loves mountaineering, race snowboard, and windsurfing.

Rainer Wolafka, Google Switzerland

Rainer Wolafka is a Site Reliability Manager focusing on planet scale technical infrastructure and production safety at Google. Before joining Google Switzerland in 2015, Rainer worked on distributed file systems for IBM's Research and Development organization. Outside of work he likes mountain biking, snowboarding and playing the drums.

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