SDKs Are Not Services and What This Means for SREs

Friday, 4 October, 2019 - 09:4510:30

Justin Coffey, Criteo


Building an SDK or embedded libraries for client teams to integrate into their software seems like a straightforward approach to onboarding a large number of teams onto your infrastructure. Depending on the domain, it can even seem like an obvious and durable decision. Unfortunately, this path is mired with hidden complexity that can have serious productivity consequences for client teams, increasing support related toil for the SRE team significantly and imperiling the viability of both the team and the service they provide.

Justin Coffey, Criteo

Justin Coffey is an engineering director in the SRE department of Criteo where he has led efforts in building out much of Criteo's data processing platform. In past lives he has built ecommerce, emailing and real estate platforms. He got his start in the industry way back in 1996 as a sysadmin working for a small ISP in San Diego, CONNECTnet.

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