Effective Distributed Tracing Workshop

Thursday, 3 October, 2019 - 09:0012:30

Pedro Alves, Serbay Arslanhan, and Luis Mineiro, Zalando SE


If you're working in a large organization which is using a micro-service architecture, you can find it hard to keep tabs on what is going on under the hood. Performing root cause analysis of incidents can be as complicated as your organization makes it. Traditional metrics and logging, although essential, are also somewhat limited in some regards. To help with some of the issues mentioned before we can turn to Distributed Tracing and the view it gives us into our services.

In this workshop, we will give an introduction into Distributed Tracing, and OpenTracing, the open specification for vendor-neutral APIs for Distributed Tracing. After the introduction, there will be a hands-on opportunity to see how a distributed system is instrumented. Finally, we will break those applications and we will use Distributed Tracing to help us figure out what is going on.

For the hands on part, make sure to have either Java, Golang, or Docker to run the test application.

Pedro Alves, Zalando SE

Pedro has been focusing on developing back end code for webapps since 2008. In Zalando since 2013, he has worked in different areas of Zalando’s business, and is now working in the SRE team, making sure people can buy shoes reliably.

Serbay Arslanhan, Zalando SE

Serbay is learning to be a Site Reliability Engineer at Zalando in Berlin. Before joining the SRE team in Zalando, he worked on building systems related to customer facing Checkout solutions at Zalando and personal health, social networks, news aggregators in different companies & locations.

Luis Mineiro, Zalando SE

Luis's broad background in software engineering includes experience in DevOps, networks, mobile development, and more. Luis has been with Zalando since 2013—shaving yaks and creating the most beautiful bike sheds in the Shop team, later joining Platform Infrastructure to support the company’s move to the Cloud and currently heading Site Reliability Engineering.

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