Containerization War Stories

Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 8:30 am9:10 am

Ruth Grace Wong and Rodrigo Menezes, Pinterest


Just like many other mid-sized companies, Pinterest runs tens of thousands of machines and hundreds of microservices. This talk describes why and how our engineers migrated our services to Docker, plus stories of how certain elements of the migration were more complicated than expected and caused outages.

We will go through the containerization plan and architecture at Pinterest, and how we used it to make things easier for developers. We also go into issues we had with performance: networking, java versions, operating system default packages.

Ruth Grace Wong, Pinterest

Ruth is a member of the Core Site Reliability Engineering team at Pinterest, where she experiences interesting outages, and works on systems and internal tools to help Pinterest stay up. She likes anything at scale—be it software at Pinterest, or visiting factories for fun. Ruth likes to pin desserts to bake, and DIY projects to laser cut and sew at her local makerspace.

Rodrigo Menezes, Pinterest

Rodrigo is a member of the Core Site Reliability Engineering team at Pinterest. While at Pinterest his main focus has been on Docker and creating applications to support running their stateless prod infrastructure in a container. Outside of work, Rodrigo loves rock climbing, surfing, and anything outdoors, as well as working on various DYI projects.

Previously, Rodrigo worked at LiveVox and LiveScribe and other companies you may never heard of.

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