Building Shopify's PaaS on Kubernetes

Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 1:20 pm2:00 pm

Karan Thukral, Shopify


Shopify has grown from less than 20 production services in 2011 to more than 400 in 2017. These services currently run on a wide variety of production environments making it harder to share tools across applications. Moving to the cloud is a common occurrence but Shopify decided to build a platform as a service (PaaS) to consolidate all production environments. This PaaS was built on a public cloud provider and Kubernetes (k8s). Despite consolidation, the PaaS added maintenance and support load on the team. SREs' build tools that are used by developers with a wide array of experience which adds challenges regarding user experience, education, support etc.

This talk contains a brief overview of development at Shopify, why we decided to move to the cloud, what we built and what was learned along the way. This talk is not meant to be a technical introduction into how to use Kubernetes, but instead a case study regarding the team’s experiences building the PaaS. Issues regarding onboarding, education etc are similar to issues faced in most SRE projects. The case study is meant to generalize the lessons the team learnt over the project and how they can applied more broadly at other organizations.

Karan Thukral, Shopify

Karan is a Systems Design Engineering graduate from the University of Waterloo and currently works as a Production Engineer at Shopify. Karan is part of the team responsible for building and maintaining a platform as a service for internal developers. Along with production engineering, Karan has experience working as an iOS and backend (rails) developer.

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