Distributed Tracing, Lessons Learned

Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 11:25 am12:05 pm

Gina Maini, Jet.com


Your engineering job might look something like this:

1. Understand dependencies.
2. Keep the site up.
3. Understand where you messed up.

Distributed Tracing helps you with all of these. Industry standards like OpenTracing provide some mindshare on tracing RPC style communications, but leave much unsaid about asynchronous communications over message busses or Kafka. At Jet.com we use Kafka and Event Sourcing at nearly every tier of our architecture, so tracing these types of communications motivated us to create our own protocol and semantics around operations and channels. We learned a lot from creating our own libraries in F# and on-boarding engineering teams around our company to try tracing their communications. We learned a lot and are here to share tips, tricks, and hard earned lessons.

Gina Maini, Jet.com

Gina Maini is a professional functional programmer living in Jersey City, NJ. She works on internal infrastructure and distributed tracing at Jet.com. Her team at Jet is challenged with making "event sourcing scale" and providing generic solutions in F#. She is an avid renaissance woman and wants to "hallway talk" about music theatre history, linguistics, makeup techniques, physics, political philosophy, science fiction, and cats.

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