How SREs Found More than $100 Million Using Failed Customer Interactions

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 4:05 pm4:45 pm

Wes Hummel, PayPal


This talk will go into PayPal SRE's journey of using data around customer failures (outward-looking) instead of payment data (inward looking) to become a more customer-focused company. The results not only benefitted our millions of merchants and consumers, but also benefitted our company in a significant way. Topics covered will be:

  • The Principles used when starting the initiative
  • The technical implementation of using Failed Customer Interactions (FCIs)
  • The dashboards and visualizations of the data
  • The culture change that occurred in the company as a result of the initiative
  • The tactical efforts needed to get momentum behind this new way of measuring
  • The bad ideas and mistakes we made along the way
  • The results and where we're at today

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