Google SDN Peering: An Early Engagement Case Study

Wednesday, 30 August, 2017 - 16:1017:00

Murali Suriar, Google


How do you build a new SRE team around a completely novel product? This talk will deal with some of the challenges involved in launching Espresso, Google's software defined peering architecture.

  • How do you build an SRE team for a product which isn't serving real users yet?
  • How do you build a cohesive team and structure out of many disparate teams? (Networking, SRE, software development)
  • How do you build oncall discipline in a team which largely hasn't been oncall before?

And as an aside, we'll also get into some of the technical details of Espresso, since it's necessary to understand what made it so challenging and different.

Murali Suriar, Google

Lapsed computer science graduate, turned network engineer, turned SRE. Currently working at Google running software defined network control systems. Left Google to get on a boat. Got bored and came back.

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