InStream: Large Scale Distribution using BitTorrent, Python, Salt, and Kafka

Wednesday, 30 August, 2017 - 14:3015:00

Harsh Sharma, LinkedIn


Deploying application/services to all the servers across every datacenter can be painful for any company with a big infrastructure, including LinkedIn.

Our deployment model had some centralized pieces which became bottlenecks at scale. This talk will describe how we built a service in Python, based on Saltstack and Kafka, which can deploy any service to all servers asynchronously with a P2P distribution model, rate limiting and fast rollbacks.

Harsh Sharma, LinkedIn

I've been an SRE at LinkedIn for over a year, working with Platform and Horizontal teams, and as one of the primary owners of InStream, building internal tools and supporting different platform services. I enjoy being an SRE and wish to contribute as much as I can to the global SRE community.

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