Capacity Planning and Flow Control

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 9:00am9:55am

Jun Zhang, Alibaba; Jiajiang Lin


Alibaba has a very rich form of business, behind every business there are many corresponding business systems, each business system is distributed in multiple servers. In such a large distributed system architecture, how to allocate resources to the system becomes a major challenge to site reliability (especially in the dual-11):

  1. How much resources do we need to allocate for each system?
  2. How can we ensure that our resource allocation results are consistent with our final business expectations?

We do a reasonable allocation of system resources through Capacity Planning and ensure that the results of Capacity Planning are in line with business expectations through Full-link Pressure Test.

From this topic you can learn:

  1. Capacity Planning methods and how does Alibaba do Capacity Planning exactly
  2. Technical implements of Full-link Pressure Test which is the most important weapon for site reliability in Alibaba

Jun Zhang, Alibaba

Jun works in Alibaba as a Senior Technical Specialist of High Availability Architecture. He focuses on how to improve site availability, leading to the construction of a series of high-availability solutions, such as Capacity Planning, Full-link Pressure Test, Flow Limit, Automatic Degradation, Traffic Scheduling, and so on.

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