Canary in the Internet Mine

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 4:20pm4:45pm

Brook Shelley, Turbine Labs


Software releases are often costly, slow, and difficult to roll back. This talk will suggest a different way forward with a flexible, incremental, reversible release workflow using tools like a reverse-proxy and customer-centric monitoring. I'll also talk about header and cookie based dev branch tests, and ways to use an incremental release to test internally as well. There will be a short demo of a release gone bad, and one that succeeds, in order to illustrate the principles of this talk. There are some blinky lights, but not many.

Brook Shelley, Turbine Labs

Brook Shelley lives in Portland, OR with her cat Snorri, where she builds a better software release & response process at Turbine Labs. Her writing has appeared in The Toast, Lean Out, Transfigure, & the Oregon Journal of the Humanities. She speaks at conferences on queer & trans issues, & is co-chair of the board of Basic Rights Oregon.

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