Operationalizing DevOps Teaching

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 3:00pm3:25pm

John Contad and Matt Witherow, REA Group


We started with a premise: if we provided knowledge to developers on how to operationalize services, then they would do it.

In this talk, I'll talk about the many ways that REA Group has experimented with teaching. From broadcast 50-person classes (Think: SNS), to one-to-one scheduled mentorship roles (Cronjobs), to pull-down models (SQS) - we explore why teaching and mentorship is important to the future of the web, and how formative it is an experience to the mentors.

These experiments have now formed an internal curriculum - but also an open-source model on teaching DevOps fundamentals to women who want to explore the space (See: DevOps Girls Melbourne)

John Contad, REA Group

John Contad is a Senior Systems Engineer @ REA Group, motorcyclist, passionate teacher of all things DevOps and AWS. Always with whiteboard markers. Prior to this, he was a startup rat in Sunshine Coast, working with companies in Malaysia, Singapore, and the US.

Matt Witherow, REA Group

Matt Witherow is an Engineer for the Global Architecture Team @ REA Group. He grew up on a remote cattle farm in country Australia. In the Melbourne community he's been a tutor, lecturer and now aspiring mentor - helping to empower others.

He cooks a pretty good breakfast too.

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