LinkedIn SRE: From Inception to Global Scale

Monday, May 22, 2017 - 9:00am9:55am

Bruno Connelly and Viji Nair, LinkedIn Corporation


Will be covering the following objectives:

  1. The History of SRE at LinkedIn
  2. Problems behind the scenes
    • Infrastructure / Services / Releases
  3. The world before SRE
  4. Establishing the SRE culture
    • Core Principles
    • SRE Engagement Model
    • Ownership model and ownership culture
    • People, the most important assets
    • Redefining the role & Leveling up
  5. Running Linkedin @ scale
    • Guard-railed multi-phased deployment process
    • Error budgeting
    • AB Testing & Deployments
    • Building it together, self-services
  6. Learning and Evolution
  7. How we leverage global/remote teams
    • Value additions
    • How to seed and grow them successfully
    • Challenges, and how to address them
    • How to scale global teams
    • Leanings, what worked and what didn't
    • Best practices, do’s and don’ts when you seed, feed and grow a global team

Bruno Connelly, LinkedIn Corporation

Bruno Connelly, VP Engineering, Site Reliability, leads the teams responsible for the growth, scale, and day-to-day operation of LinkedIn. Prior to LinkedIn, Bruno spent seven years at Yahoo! where he held leadership positions in search engine operations, the Panama project, and ultimately led the teams responsible for the uptime of all Yahoo! advertising platforms.

Viji Nair, LinkedIn Corporation

Viji Nair is the Site Lead and Director of SRE at LinkedIn's Bangalore SRE Organization. He played a pivotal role in shaping and scaling LinkedIn’s India SRE presence from an idea to a world-class team of 65 engineers. This team is now recognized as one of India’s premier SRE organizations.

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