SOUPS 2022 Call for Workshops and Beyond

The Eighteenth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS 2022) will take place August 7–9, 2022, and will be co-located with the 31st USENIX Security Symposium in Boston, MA, USA.

In cooperation with USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association.

Important Dates

All dates are at 23:59 AoE (Anywhere on Earth) time.

  • Proposal submission deadline: Thursday, March 3, 2022
  • Notification of acceptance: Thursday, March 17, 2022
  • Final workshop CFP due date for workshop organizers: Thursday, March 31, 2022
  • Workshop paper submission deadline: Thursday, May 26, 2022
  • Workshop paper acceptance notification to authors: Thursday, June 9, 2022
  • Workshop final papers due: Thursday, June 23, 2022


Tutorials and Workshops Co-Chairs

Leah Zhang-Kennedy, University of Waterloo

Yaxing Yao, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Tutorials and Workshops Junior Co-Chair

Harjot Kaur, Leibniz University Hannover


The Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS) features a day of pre-symposium events, such as workshops, tutorials, hackathons, and beyond to support exploration and networking related to topics of interest to the usable privacy and security community. We invite you to submit a proposal to organize a full- or half-day event on Sunday, August 7, 2022 as part of SOUPS 2022.

Pre-symposium events enable attendees with shared interests to meet in the context of a focused and interactive discussion. We are looking for proposals for any types of events beyond the main track:

Submission Instructions

Proposals should be submitted as a PDF via the web submission system. Please consolidate all the following components in one PDF file:

  • Title of Event
  • List of Organizers (including affiliations and contact information)
  • Event Type (workshop, tutorial, hackathon/design-a-thon, or exhibitions, interactivity, and beyond)
  • Event Length (half day, full day, or full day but could work as half day)
  • Description (maximum of 500 words): Describe the event's goal, scope, format (i.e., will you solicit submissions via a CFP or will attendees be engaged in other ways), and structure; for established workshops: please provide links to previous events.
  • Abstract (200 words): abstract promoting the event to be posted on the SOUPS website
  • Preliminary list of PC members: a list of PC members the organizers plan to recruit (if needed)
  • Promotional strategy: How do you plan to attract participants for your event?
  • Draft CFP: Upload a draft of your call for papers, if applicable.
  • Sample agenda: How do you plan to structure the event? Include planned sessions, etc.
  • In-person strategy: Describe your plan and requirements for running the in-person event, e.g., list any space, audio/video or any other requirements for your event. Presently, the event is planned to take place in-person, but may occur in hybrid or online format based on changing global health and travel restrictions. Workshop organizers will be responsible for managing their technology in case of a hybrid or online event.
  • Contingency hybrid and online strategy: Describe your plan for adapting your in-person event to a hybrid and online format, e.g., selected platforms, synchronous and asynchronous components, and how you will deal with time zone issues. Organizers will be responsible for managing their own technology in support of a hybrid or online event.

Upon Acceptance of Your Event

Please note the following milestones which must be met for all SOUPS workshops, tutorials, and events:

  • Acceptance Notification: Organizers will be notified of acceptance or rejection by Thursday, March 17, 2022.
  • Final Event Description Deadline: Organizers will have until Thursday, March 31, 2022, to submit their final workshop/tutorial/event descriptions to be posted on the SOUPS website. Workshop organizers will submit their Call for Papers/Participation on the same date. Organizers are encouraged to create a website for their accepted event and include the URL address in their Call for Participation/description for the SOUPS website.
  • Solicit Contributions and Potential Participants: While some organizers may choose alternate formats, for events accepting paper submissions, workshop papers are typically 2–4 pages long. Workshop paper submissions (if applicable) should be due no later than Thursday, May 26, 2022.
  • Workshop Paper Acceptance Notification: Final acceptances for workshop papers must be completed by Thursday, June 9, 2022. This will give participants enough time for early registration to the symposium.
  • Events Website: Accepted papers will not be posted on the USENIX website to avoid confusion with archival papers and encourage more informal or experimental workshops and beyond formats. Event organizers are required to create an event website to which the SOUPS website will link. Event organizers can then decide to post accepted papers and other event materials before the event date on their own website.
  • Publicize Your Event: Organizers of accepted workshops and beyond events must set up and maintain their own website in which they provide further and updated information about their workshop. The workshops and beyond page will be linked from the official SOUPS webpage. In order to have a successful and well-attended workshop, we recommend that you post your call for participation early and widely (e.g. publicize on social media and on relevant mailing lists).


For questions or to discuss the suitability of a workshop or tutorial idea please contact the workshop chairs at