Ask Me Anything: A Conversational Interface to Augment Information Security Workers


Bobby Filar, Richard Seymour, and Matthew Park, Endgame, Inc.


Security products often create more problems than they solve, drowning users in alerts without providing the context required to remediate threats. This challenge is compounded by a lack of experienced personnel and security tools with complex interfaces. These interfaces require users to become domain experts or rely on repetitive, time consuming tasks to turn this data deluge into actionable intelligence. In this paper we present Artemis, a conversational interface to endpoint detection and response (EDR) event data. Artemis leverages dialog to drive the automation of complex tasks and reduce the need to learn a structured query language. Designed to empower inexperienced and junior security workers to better understand their security environment, Artemis provides an intuitive platform to ask questions of alert data as users are guided through triage and hunt work flows. In this paper, we will discuss our user-centric design methodology, feedback from user interviews, and the design requirements generated upon completion of our study. We will also present core functionality, findings from scenario-based testing, and future research for the Artemis platform.

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