Diversify to Survive: Making Passwords Stronger with Adaptive Policies


Sean Segreti, William Melicher, Saranga Komanduri, Darya Melicher, and Richard Shay, Carnegie Mellon University; Blase Ur, University of Chicago; Lujo Bauer, Nicolas Christin, and Lorrie Cranor, Carnegie Mellon University; Michelle Mazurek, University of Maryland


Password-composition policies are intended to increase resistance to guessing attacks by requiring certain features (e.g., a minimum length and the inclusion of a digit). Sadly, they often result in users' passwords exhibiting new, yet still predictable, patterns. In this paper, we investigate the usability and security of adaptive password-composition policies, which dynamically change password requirements over time as users create new passwords. We conduct a 2,619- participant between-subjects online experiment to evaluate the strength and usability of passwords created with two adaptive password policies. We also design and test a feedback system that guides users to successfully create a password conforming to these policies. We find that a well-configured, structure-based adaptive password policy can significantly increase password strength with little to no decrease in usability. We discuss how system administrators can use these results to improve password diversity.

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