Better Security and Privacy through Transparency: Lessons from HTTPS and Beyond

Eric Mill, GSA


Usable security and privacy isn't just about technical and design work—creating good outcomes on a global scale means getting involved in the politics. We'll examine the relationships and roller coaster politics behind HTTPS, and how transparency and communication are at the core of stabilizing the world's most successful mainstream security protocol. We'll look at how these lessons might apply to other areas of online privacy, and at how the US government is applying them to its own security.

Eric Mill, GSA

Eric is a senior advisor to GSA's Technology Transformation Service, where he helps guide the organization's strategy and policy impact. As part of his work, Eric helps implement the US government's HTTPS-only policy for public web services. Before GSA, Eric worked as an engineer at the Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to government transparency through technology, where he helped develop infrastructure and policy in support of open government.

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