Privacy Audits 101

Thursday, June 23, 2022 - 11:40 am11:55 am

Lauren Reid, President and Principal Consultant, The Privacy Pro


Most privacy engineers, lawyers, regulators, and scholars are aware of the importance of privacy audits, but few have been through it as an auditor or auditee. There are often assumptions about what a privacy audit entails and what the results can tell us about the strength of a privacy program or product design. Participants may be surprised to learn about the limitations of a privacy audit and the resources required to complete one. This session will address privacy audit frameworks, methodologies for testing controls, and interpreting audit results. Participants will come away with important points to consider when deciding whether they need an audit and if so, which kind and when.

Lauren Reid, The Privacy Pro

Lauren Reid is President of the boutique privacy and data ethics consulting firm, The Privacy Pro. The Privacy Pro helps global companies implement practical solutions to protect data, comply with laws, and most importantly, respect people. Lauren has over 15 years of global privacy experience, having worked in several countries and industries. She was the Director of Data Governance and Privacy for Sidewalk Labs, Alphabet’s smart city portfolio company. She also led the National Privacy Advisory Services practice for KPMG Canada and was Senior Manager accountable for strategic privacy initiatives at Bank of Montreal, one of Canada’s largest financial institutions.

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