Privacy Design Flaws

Thursday, June 23, 2022 - 11:55 am12:15 pm

Eivind Arvesen, Sector Alarm


Annoyingly, many things can go wrong when it comes to privacy engineering. Even more annoyingly, they often do. To make matters worse, many issues are more complex than mere bugs in the implementation. This talk will address flaws – defects on an architectural or design level – that result in privacy issues. Using real-world examples, we will demonstrate how common flaws lead to undesirable outcomes, and how to intentionally build systems with privacy in mind in order to avoid these flaws when designing a new system or reviewing an existing system.

Eivind Arvesen, Sector Alarm

Eivind is a security and privacy professional who currently heads up the Cyber Security department at one of Europe's leading providers of monitored home security solutions. He holds a master’s degree in computer science (with a focus on machine learning), and has previously worked as software developer and architect, both in-house and as a consultant, on projects ranging from product MVPs to critical infrastructure. In 2020, he was part of a government appointed expert panel tasked with evaluating the Norwegian COVID-19 app.

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