Flor: An Open High Performance RDMA Framework Over Heterogeneous RNICs


Qiang Li, Alibaba Group; Yixiao Gao and Xiaoliang Wang, Nanjing University; Haonan Qiu, Alibaba Group; Yanfang Le, AMD; Derui Liu, Alibaba Group; Qiao Xiang, Xiamen University; Fei Feng, Peng Zhang, Bo Li, Jianbo Dong, Lingbo Tang, Hongqiang Harry Liu, Shaozong Liu, Weijie Li, Rui Miao, Yaohui Wu, Zhiwu Wu, Chao Han, Lei Yan, Zheng Cao, and Zhongjie Wu, Alibaba Group; Chen Tian and Guihai Chen, Nanjing University; Dennis Cai, Jinbo Wu, Jiaji Zhu, and Jiesheng Wu, Alibaba Group; Jiwu Shu, Xiamen University


Datacenter applications have been increasingly applying RDMA for the ultra-low latency and low CPU overhead. However, RDMA-capable NICs (RNICs) of different vendors and different generations from the same vendors do not cooperate well, which causes bandwidth imbalance in the production network. Our observation of the heterogeneous RNICs is that though the data path functions of these RNICs follow the same RoCEv2 specifications, their control path functions are vendor and version specific. To this end, we propose Flor, an open framework that provides a flexible control plane in software and a unified hardware plane by adopting heterogeneous RNICs. The hardware plane requires no changes of current specifications. The software plane can run in NPU of RNICs, DPUs and host CPUs, following which we build up strengthen reliable transport over the large-scale lossy Ethernet. We implemented and evaluated Flor in both testbed and production clusters over Intel E180, Mellanox CX-4 and CX-5 and Broadcom RNICs. Experiments show that Flor achieves comparable performance to vanilla RDMA in many scenarios including 1/4096 packet loss, 6000:1 incast, and large-scale cross-pod communication. Flor mitigates the performance gap of CX-4 and CX-5 RNICs from 24.3% to 1.3% when they are deployed together without PFC dependency.

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