Augmenting Augmented Reality with Non-Line-of-Sight Perception


Tara Boroushaki, Maisy Lam, and Laura Dodds, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Aline Eid, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Michigan; Fadel Adib, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


We present the design, implementation, and evaluation of X-AR, an augmented reality (AR) system with non-line-of-sight perception. X-AR augments AR headsets with RF sensing to enable users to see things that are otherwise invisible to the human eye or to state-of-the-art AR systems. Our design introduces three main innovations: the first is an AR-conformal antenna that tightly matches the shape of the AR headset visor while providing excellent radiation and bandwidth capabilities for RF sensing. The second is an RF-visual synthetic aperture localization algorithm that leverages natural human mobility to localize RF-tagged objects in line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight settings. Finally, the third is an RF-visual verification primitive that fuses RF and vision to deliver actionable tasks to end users such as picking verification. We built an end-to-end prototype of our design by integrating it into a Microsoft Hololens 2 AR headset and evaluated it in line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight environments. Our results demonstrate that X-AR achieves decimeter-level RF localization (median of 9.8 cm) of fully-occluded items and can perform RFvisual picking verification with over 95% accuracy (FScore) when extracting RFID-tagged items. These results show that X-AR is successful in extending AR systems to non-line-of-sight perception, with important implications to manufacturing, warehousing, and smart home applications. Demo video:

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