ResQ: Enabling SLOs in Network Function Virtualization


Amin Tootoonchian, Intel Labs; Aurojit Panda, NYU, ICSI; Chang Lan, UC Berkeley; Melvin Walls, Nefeli; Katerina Argyraki, EPFL; Sylvia Ratnasamy, UC Berkeley; Scott Shenker, UC Berkeley, ICSI


Network Function Virtualization is allowing carriers to replace dedicated middleboxes with Network Functions (NFs) consolidated on shared servers, but the question of how (and even whether) one can achieve performance SLOs with software packet processing remains open. A key challenge is the high variability and unpredictability in throughput and latency introduced when NFs are consolidated.We show that, using processor cache isolation and with careful sizing of I/O buffers, we can directly enforce a high degree of performance isolation among consolidated NFs – for a wide range of NFs, our technique caps the maximum throughput degradation to 2.9% (compared to 44.3%), and the 95th percentile latency degradation to 2.5% (compared to 24.5%). Building on this, we present ResQ, a resource manager for NFV that enforces performance SLOs for multi-tenant NFV clusters in a resource efficient manner. ResQ achieves 60%-236% better resource efficiency for enforcing SLOs that contain contention-sensitive NFs compared to previous work.

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