Distributed Sys Teams

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 4:45 pm5:30 pm

Sri Ray, Fastly


Single Points of Failure is a term we all dread in the SRE world. We go through the pain of making sure services are resilient and distributed and yet, more often than not, we fail to give the same treatment to the most critical part of any system—the Humans.

This talk will focus on the importance of hiring remote and hiring across the world. We will also touch on little changes you can make to foster such an environment.

Distributed teams not only add value to the core systems but also help us bring each other closer to one another.

Sri Ray, Fastly

Sri Ray works at the intersection of ops, security, and doing the right thing. He searches for solutions that respect and complement the Human element of systems. While not architecting systems or dreaming of the next improvement to make, he spends most of his free time on planes traveling around the only place we have all called home—Earth. He uses this opportunity to understand cultures and more importantly relish local food.

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