Extending Kubernetes with the Operator Pattern

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 11:00 am12:30 pm

Ryan Jarvinen, Red Hat


Learn how to extend Kubernetes to include your own custom operational tactics and container-management best practices, using the Kubernetes "Operator" pattern!

Operators feel like native features to Kubernetes end-users because they use Custom Resource Definitions, API Aggregation, and Custom Controllers to extend the basic platform APIs, allowing complicated solutions to be managed using simple declarative resource specifications.

This session provides architectural overviews, implementation patterns, and a look at a few popular solutions from this space.

Bring a laptop to follow along as we learn to extend Kubernetes through a series of hands-on, interactive training scenarios!

Ryan Jarvinen, Red Hat

Ryan Jarvinen is a Developer Advocate (Red Hat, previously CoreOS) who focuses on developer experience and usability in the Cloud Native ecosystem. He is a frequent conference speaker and workshop leader who enjoys helping teams develop strategies for maximizing their productivity while using Kubernetes. Past achievements include contributing to the CNCF's Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam curriculum, and speaking at LISA 17 in SF! <3 If you don't get a chance to meet him in the Red Hat booth, you can find him online as "RyanJ" via twitter, github, or IRC.

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