BPF Performance Tools

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 - 2:00 pm3:30 pm

Brendan Gregg, Netflix


BPF (eBPF) tracing is the superpower that can analyze everything, helping you find performance wins, troubleshoot software, and more. This tutorial shows you how to use the open-source BCC and bpftrace tools to find performance wins across a variety of application and system targets, and how to create your own Linux observability tools with BPF/bpftrace. We will also discuss challenges and fixes for real-world analysis, including lessons learned from its production use at Netflix, so you can hit the ground running when you return to work.

Brendan Gregg, Netflix

Brendan Gregg is an industry expert in computing performance and cloud computing. He is a senior performance architect at Netflix, where he does performance design, evaluation, analysis, and tuning. He is the author of BPF Performance Tools (Addison Wesley) and Systems Performance (Prentice Hall), and received the USENIX LISA Award for Outstanding Achievement in System Administration. Brendan has created numerous performance analysis tools, visualizations, and methodologies for performance analysis, including flame graphs.

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