Device42: Get Proactive: Managing and Standardizing Your Hybrid IT Estate

Monday, October 28, 2019 - 2:30 pm3:00 pm

Chris Benigni, Senior Solutions Architect, Device 42


Today we see IT teams using spreadsheets, open source tools, or home grown systems to track their infrastructure. While the perception is that this is more cost-effective, the long-term effects show this becomes a manual and time consuming process, leading to out-of-date information with no standardization. Device42 is a comprehensive hybrid IT discovery system that will automatically build an inventory of your entire IT estate, and then seamlessly integrate that data with your existing ITSM or DevOps systems. Chris will discuss how Device42 can be harnessed to accurately discover, manage, and transform your hybrid IT infrastructure with confidence to improve operations and scale your organization.

Chris Benigni plays a primary role in demonstrating the value of Device42 to customers looking to document their hybrid IT estates. After graduating from Bryant University with a BA in Science in Information Technology, Chris went on to work at Gartner and Spine Wave, before landing at Device42 seven years ago. With MCSA and MCP accreditation, as well as a background in Active Directory, network support, and data recoveries, Chris enjoys helping customers discover their infrastructure and map dependencies in Device42 to improve IT operations, prepare for a digital transformation, or migrate any application to the cloud.

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