Advanced Communication: Practical Tactics and Strategy

Gardner Room

Half Day Morning
9:00 am12:30 pm
LISA16: Culture

Systems Administrators are expected to be intelligent, dedicated, and professional experts in our field. Yet when compared to other professions of similar education, we often do not receive credit for our efforts and receive less respect from our fellow workers.

This problem doesn’t just affect our personal well-being; businesses make poorer decisions when input from technical people is disregarded or overlooked. As professionals, we are all expected to step up and defend ourselves, our teams, and our projects. Being able to communicate meaningfully and accurately is critical to our success.

This tutorial will provide practical techniques for both in-person and written interpersonal challenges. Difficult conversations are a part of life as well as business and we need to develop the tools for dealing with them. We will review materials from several sources including our own experiences and will have practical exercises to work through to give attendees a strong starting point for their own difficult communication challenges.

Who should attend: 

IT Professionals and anyone who must deal with difficult people under stressful conditions.

Take back to work: 
  • How to deal effectively with verbal and written conflict
  • How to identify and stop verbal and written abuse
  • How to maximize your chances to succeed in difficult conversations
Topics include: 
  • E.I.Q. and how to use it
  • Satir Modes of Conversation
  • Verbal Jujitsu
  • Lifescripts
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