Mars Data Challenge Hackathon

You're invited to the Mars Data Challenge Hackathon!

Sponsored by {code} by Dell EMC

  • Tues., December 6, 7:00–10:00 pm (LISA Lab, Back Bay D):
    Kick-off, team formation, and hack session 1.
    Food and beverages will be provided!
  • Wed., December 7, 6:00 pm–9:00 pm (LISA Lab, Back Bay D):
    Hack session 2 and announcement of winning team!

You and your team have just landed on Mars. As you prepare the base, massive sun storms are coming your way. That was the last communication you had from Earth. Now connectivity to Earth has been cut, and although the base has enough energy, your protective shields can run for a only few minutes at a time without recharging.

Your only chance of survival is to monitor the current temperature and radiation levels in the planet's atmosphere to detect sun flares and activate your base shields for protection. You have only a few hours to implement a sensor array, build and deploy the monitoring application to engage/disengage your shields, then fine tune an algorithm based on your data analysis that decides when to charge your shields and when to engage them for protection. Will you and your team survive?

Prizes will be awarded!
Light refreshments and plenty of help will be provided.


Admission is free for LISA16 attendees, but pre-registration is required. Select "Mars Data Challenge" from the optional add-on items.

Requirements for a successful participant:

  • Open-minded
  • Ready for a challenging event
  • Team player
  • Laptop

Recommended skills for a successful team:

  • Hands-on experience with Linux container technologies like Docker and Rocket
  • Hands on experience with deployment tools like Docker Machine/Compose/Swarm, or Kubernetes and/or Mesos


  • Experience working and/or implementing distributed applications
  • Experience using Web sockets
  • Experience with object storage (AWS S3, Atmos, Centera, OpenStack Swift, Cepth, Elastic Cloud Storage, etc.)
  • Experience using Queue Base software (Rabbit MQ, Kaffka, REDIS, etc.)