Interplanetary DevOps at NASA JPL

Friday, December 9, 2016 - 2:45pm3:30pm

Dan Isla, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, real-time analytics for data collected from the Mars Rover Curiosity is critical when millions of telemetry data points are received daily. Building portable containerized data systems and tools that can be continuously deployed enables our Systems Engineers and Data Scientists to quickly develop, analyze, and share their visualizations and algorithms. With the AWS GovCloud region, export-controlled data can be securely stored and processed using the familiar AWS services and APIs that scale on demand. Containers, DevOps, and high levels of automation are the most important concepts when building infrastructure at scale that can be robust and operated by just a few admins. DevOps is more than just automation and fancy tools and is really about culture change within the organization. At JPL and other government agencies, legacy is everywhere from the apps to the ops; with the Analytics Cloud Services, we have successfully demonstrated ways to modernize legacy systems using containers to make them more secure and operable on modern infrastructure. In this talk, Dan will share how his team revolutionized Interplanetary Mission Operations and created a new paradigm for software development and collaboration at JPL.

Dan Isla, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dan Isla is a Systems Engineer and Data Scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Dan has been at JPL for the past seven years building and launching spacecraft to Mars and beyond. He is now the lead engineer for the Analytics Cloud Services, a container based PaaS built with Mesos and Elasticsearch that has transformed Mission Operations across the agency.

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