Using Open Source Telemetry to Drive Change in Management Environments

Friday, December 9, 2016 - 11:45am12:30pm

Susan Young, Office of the CTO, Dell EMC


This talk will discuss the different dimensions of telemetry as a means of gathering system intelligence and driving operator and automated changes in a modern data center. As part of the presentation, we will look at the role of different open source telemetry frameworks in the context of telemetry collection, processing, and publishing. The talk also looks at examples of the use of system telemetry as a data source through the lens of different problem spaces such as system automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning.

Attendees will take back knowledge of how to use open source telemetry frameworks, as well as applicable patterns, algorithms and protocols to create telemetry-based solutions that solve specific business problems. Specifically they will acquire knowledge of how to incorporate telemetry into solutions that increase the value of their infrastructure through greater automation and the creation of data streams that can be used to drive data insights.

Susan Young, Office of the CTO, Dell EMC

Susan Young is a Senior Consultant Technologist in Dell EMC’s Global Office of the CTO, focused on Converged Infrastructure Management and Orchestration. In her current role, she engages with multiple Dell EMC business units and companies in developing solutions and platforms for Converged Infrastructure. Prior to joining the Global Office of the CTO, Susan was engaged on a Labs-as-a-Service initiative within Dell EMC that was focused on delivering self-service lab automation for Dell EMC’s own development and test engineers. As a result of this collective experience, she has a unique perspective on the challenges of driving change automation and data analysis through the consumption of telemetry and other system-derived data sources.

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