No User Left Behind: Making Sure Customers Reach Your Service

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 4:00pm4:45pm

Mohit Suley, Software Engineer, Live Site Engineering team, Bing


Can you detect users behind a single ISP, in a single city, losing access to your service because of a network configuration error? If a low-tier ISP in Brazil blocked you accidentally, affecting a few thousand customers, how will you find out before customers switch? This talk will define the concept of reachability, show ways to detect globally minuscule but customer-affecting outages across geographies and ISPs, and provide practical examples of how you can extend the definition of availability to include your users, not just the systems you built.

Mohit Suley,

Mohit is an Availability Engineer on Bing's Live Site Engineering team. By day, he investigates all the issues that subtly affect Bing’s availability and performance. Designing systems to proactively improve availability, route around problems, is a core mission of the team. He loves long walks, talking about end-user availability and how network-level data can tell interesting stories about customer experience in aggregate. R is his go-to data analysis tool these days. Opportunities to dive into network flows, architecture issues or scaling problems never go ignored.

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