SRE at a StartUp: Lessons from LinkedIn

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 2:45pm3:30pm

Craig Sebenik, Matterport


SRE works at Google. It works at many large companies. But, can it work at a small startup? Over the past two years, Matterport has continued to embrace SRE. (Even though we don't use that exact term). Many of the strategies I have used to move SRE forward I learned while at LinkedIn.

In this talk, I will give a quick overview of how SRE evolved at LinkedIn and then how I applied those lessons to a startup. Some worked well, others not as much. But, after just a couple of years, we are in a much better position to grow and offer a stable and reliable platform to our customers.

Yes, SRE works at Google. But, it can work for small companies as well.

Craig Sebenik, Matterport

Craig is the Lead Infrastructure Engineer (aka SRE) at Matterport. He joined when Matterport was a couple dozen employees. Now, it is a couple hundred. Prior to Matterport, he was a Staff SRE at LinkedIn where he worked on the SRE infrastructure team (metrics, configuration management using salt, etc.). Going further back, he has worked at startups that have failed, companies that have done well, done chemistry research and even attended cooking for school for a couple of years.

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