From BOFH to Just Another Person in the Standup, Surviving the Move to DevOps

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 4:45pm5:30pm

Jamie Riedesel, HelloSign


Everything-as-a-Service is taking a big bite out of traditional IT. Not just in jobs, but in the nature of the job itself. Some of you will decide the time is right to learn some new skills, and go work for one of those EaaS companies. Culturally, moving from traditional IT to small-team agile is a huge change. The techniques of maintaining psychological safety within TradIT can put you at risk for being a no-asshole-rule fire in software organizations. In this session, we’ll go over ways to reframe this safety reflex into new paths.

Jamie Riedesel, HelloSign

Jamie Riedesel is a DevOps Engineer at HelloSign and has been performing acts of systems administration and engineering since 1997, and more dev-like things since 2010. She moved from corporate IT to the startup space in 2010 and experienced the good kind of culture shock. Jamie has been blogging as sysadmin1138 since 2004, a community elected moderator on ServerFault since 2010, and awarded the Chuck Yerkes community award by LOPSA in 2015.

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