Hard Knocks and Soft Spots: A Docker-Centric CI/CD Pipeline at VMware

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 2:45pm3:30pm

Fabio Rapposelli, Staff Engineer 2, VMware, and Ivan Porto Carrero, Staff Engineer, VMware


VMware’s R&D team is comprised of thousands of top-notch computer scientists and software engineers always eager to write and test code that ships. The Cloud Native Apps BU recently started working on two new projects and decided to revisit how we ship code. We’ve built a new CI/CD platform based on Docker using Drone, not only for packing our services but also to do reproducible end-to-end testing and creating a perfectly reproducible test experience for developers. Our talk will focus around how Docker makes our lives easier. We’ll go over the platform we’ve built, the pipeline, lessons learned, and next steps.

Fabio Rapposelli, Staff Engineer 2, VMware

Fabio is a Staff Engineer 2 working in the Cloud Native Apps BU, currently working on Project Cello, a platform for self-operating stateful applications. As part of his duties he has built and maintains the CI/CD environment used by the team.

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