Heresy in the Church of Docker

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 11:45am12:30pm

Corey Quinn, The Quinn Advisory Group


Docker (and by extension, microservices-based architecture) has expanded our horizons with respect to how the industry builds and supports applications at scale, which helps to explain why so many people seem willing to throw away decades of experience in favor of untested tools and barely functional design principles.

In this entertaining and somewhat irreverent talk, Corey presents the "other side" of the containerization craze: how configuration management fits into a world consumed by the DockerDockerDocker madness, how "I'll run this container in production" can blow up in your face when you least expect it, and how promising technologies should perhaps be vetted a bit more thoroughly before you throw away decades of hard-won experience supporting traditional architectures.

Corey Quinn, The Quinn Advisory Group

Principal at The Quinn Advisory Group, Corey has a history as an engineering manager, public speaker, and advocate for cloud strategies which speak to company culture. He specializes in helping companies control and optimize their AWS cloud footprint without disrupting the engineers using it.

Outside of his professional work, Corey is known for overdressing, telling entertaining stories, and carrying a cigarette case full of drink umbrellas.

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