Everything Is Terrible, and We're to Blame

Friday, December 9, 2016 - 11:00am11:45am

Jim Perrin, The CentOS Project


A quick look around the IT industry tells us that it's primarily held together with duct tape and bubblegum, and as we drive technology into more places, the problem is only getting worse. We laugh at companies who don't do things "right" or empathize with sysadmins caught in the middle, but when it comes down to it, WE are the ones ultimately responsible.

Jim Perrin, The CentOS Project

Jim has been a consultant for both the Energy and Defense industries as well as a few startups. Through this experience he has gained a unique insight into all manners of creative horrors done to computers in the name of progress. He currently spends his days as a board member of The CentOS Project, and maintaining the AArch64 build of CentOS Linux.

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