Code Review for Operations

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 2:45pm3:30pm

Spencer Krum, IBM and OpenStack


Code review has been shown to help developers produce better code. It can also help SREs run more reliable systems. Our ops team is fanatic about using code review and representing our infrastructure as code so that code review can be leveraged. In this presentation I will show how we use code review to manage our infrastructure, modify and create systems, administer services, etc. I'll discuss why we use code review for our operations work, and where we get value from it. I'll show the path we took to get here, what actions couldn't be piped through code review, and what we're going to do next.

Spencer Krum, IBM and OpenStack

Spencer (nibalizer) Krum ( has been sysoping Linux since 2010. He works for IBM contributing upstream to OpenStack and Puppet. Spencer is a core contributor to the OpenStack Infrastructure Project. Spencer coordinates the local DevOps user group in Portland and volunteers for an ops-training program at Portland State University called the Braindump. Spencer is a published author and frequent speaker at technical conferences. Spencer is a maintainer for the voxpupuli effort (, which attempts to bring together a network of Puppet developers, modules, and infrastructure.

Spencer lives and works in Portland, Oregon, where he enjoys tennis, cheeseburgers, and StarCraft II.

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