Passing the Console: Fostering the Next Generation of Ops Professionals

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 11:00am11:45am

Alice Goldfuss, New Relic


Where does one go to learn ops? There are no sysadmin degrees or operations bootcamps. We learn our trade like dark witches, through varied and arcane means: books, talks, hands-on experiences, real-life outages, and backchannel lore. But tech is a thriving industry, ripe for eager new ops professionals and ideas. You have very likely met the person or people who will follow in your footsteps. So, how do we pass on our craft?

This talk will explore what it means to be in operations and how to pass on that unique skill set. We will discuss what tools and culture define our field, who to pass this knowledge onto, and how to do this effectively. Believe it or not, you are capable of contributing to the greater ops legacy in a variety of ways.

Come learn how to pass the torch—or console—and prepare the next generation of ops.

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