Capturing All of Stack Overflow's Logs

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 2:00pm2:45pm

George Beech, Stack Overflow


This talk will cover the methods that Stack Overflow uses to capture, query, and explore our logs. We use two systems to store and query logs. First, we have a Custom processor that inserts every web log into a SQL database. Second, we send all system logs to a large ELK cluster for exploration, graphing, and ad-hoc reports.

I will cover how we handle the large amount of logs we ingest. The SQL technologies we have used as well as how our 300TB ELK cluster is configured.

I will also go over the pain points that we have experienced while managing and developing our logging system.

George Beech, Stack Overflow

George is a Site Reliability Engineer for Stack Overflow, a top 50 website and a highly regarded resource for developers. With 15 years of experience in the IT industry, George has designed, implemented, and managed systems of all sizes—from small, two-computer operations to Enterprise systems with thousands of machines. As a generalist, he enjoys working on all aspects of the datacenter—Physical, Network, Server, and OS.

George is passionate about the IT profession, he enjoys sharing his experience and work with others in the field, and speaks at various conferences and meetups throughout the year. He serves as the President of LOPSA—the League of Professional System Administrators. In addition to his love of all things technology, he is an avid sports fan and video gamer.

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