MicroMon: A Monitoring Framework for Tackling Distributed Heterogeneity


Baber Khalid, Rutgers University; Nolan Rudolph and Ramakrishnan Durairajan, University of Oregon; Sudarsun Kannan, Rutgers University


We present MicroMon, a multi-dimensional monitoring frame-work for geo-distributed applications using heterogeneous hardware. In MicroMon, we introduce micrometrics, which is a set of fine-grained hardware and software metrics required to study the combined impact of heterogeneous resources on application performance. Besides collecting micrometrics, in MicroMon, we propose anomaly reports and concerted effort between the programmable switches and host OSes to reduce the overhead of collecting and disseminating thousands of micro metrics in WAN. We evaluate the MicroMon prototype on Cassandra deployed across multiple data centers and show 10–50% throughput gains in a geo-distributed setting with storage and network heterogeneity.

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