Exploring System Challenges of Ultra-Low Latency Solid State Drives


Sungjoon Koh, Changrim Lee, Miryeong Kwon, and Myoungsoo Jung, Yonsei University


We quantitatively characterize performance behaviors of a real ultra-low latency (ULL) SSD archive by using a real 800GB Z-SSD prototype, and analyze systemlevel challenges that the current storage stack exhibits. Specifically, our comprehensive empirical evaluations and studies demonstrate i) diverse performance analyses of the ULL SSD, including a wide range of latency and queue examinations, ii) I/O interference characteristics, which are considered as one of the great performance bottlenecks of modern SSDs, and iii) efficiency and challenge analyses of a polling-based I/O service (newly added into Linux 4.4 kernel) by comparing it with conventional interrupt-based I/O services. In addition to these performance characterizations, we discuss several system implications, which are required to take a full benefit of ULL SSD in the future.

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