FAST '21 Work-in-Progress Reports (WiPs)

Work-in-Progress Reports (WiPs) are short presentations about work in progress, new results, or timely topics.

An Application-Local Library File System for Persistent Memory
Keiichi Matsuzawa, Hitachi, Ltd.; Takahiro Shinagawa, The University of Tokyo

Automated I/O Parameter Tuning of Scientific Applications with Parametrizable Workload Replays
Azat Nurgaliev and Marcus Paradies, German Aerospace Center

Consistent WAL Performances on Shared Drives
Lalitha Donga, Ben Reed, and Kayla Walton, San Jose State University

Semantics-Aware Shadow Paging: Handling Transaction Conflict in EXT4 Journaling
Joontaek Oh, Hojin Nam, Kyoungho Koo, and Youjip Won, KAIST

RAID2.0++: Fast Reconstruction for Large Disk Enclosures Based on RAID2.0
Qiliang Li, Yinlong Xu, and Min Lyu, University of Science and Technology of China

Update-friendly Encoding from Replication to Erasure Coding in Clustered File Systems
Wei Wang, Min Lyu, and Yinlong Xu, University of Science and Technology of China

Building a Reusable Privacy Substrate for Data Analytics Using Smart Storage Nodes
Zsolt István, IT University, Copenhagen

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