Logical Synchronous Replication in the Tintri VMstore File System


Gideon Glass, Arjun Gopalan, Dattatraya Koujalagi, Abhinand Palicherla, and Sumedh Sakdeo, Tintri, Inc


A standard feature of enterprise data storage systems is synchronous replication: updates received from clients by one storage system are replicated to a remote storage system and are only acknowledged to clients after having been stored persistently on both storage systems. Traditionally these replication schemes require configuration on a coarse granularity, e.g. on a LUN, filesystem volume, or whole-system basis. In contrast to this, we present a new architecture which operates on a fine granularity---individual files and directories. To implement this, we use a combination of novel per-file capabilities and existing techniques to solve the following problems: tracking parallel writes in flight on independent storage systems; replicating arbitrary filesystem operations; efficiently resynchronizing after a disconnect; and verifying the integrity of replicated data between two storage systems.

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