FAST '18 Poster Session

Accepted Posters

The following posters will be presented at the Poster Session and Happy Hour in the Grand Ballroom on Tuesday, February 13.

High-Performance Transaction Processing in Journaling File Systems
Yongseok Son, Sunggon Kim, and Heon Young Yeom, Seoul National University; Hyuck Han, Dongduk Women's University (Refereed Paper Poster)

Spiffy: Enabling File-System Aware Storage Applications
Kuei Sun, Daniel Fryer, Joseph Chu, Matthew Lakier, Angela Demke Brown, and Ashvin Goel, University of Toronto (Refereed Paper Poster)

MQSim: A Framework for Enabling Realistic Studies of Modern Multi-Queue SSD Devices
Arash Tavakkol, Juan Gómez-Luna, and Mohammad Sadrosadati, ETH Zürich; Saugata Ghose, Carnegie Mellon University; Onur Mutlu, ETH Zürich and Carnegie Mellon University (Refereed Paper Poster)

ALACC: Accelerating Restore Performance of Data Deduplication Systems Using Adaptive Look-Ahead Window Assisted Chunk Caching
Zhichao Cao, Hao Wen, Fenggang Wu, and David H.C. Du, Department of Computer Science, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Refereed Paper Poster)

RAID+: Deterministic and Balanced Data Distribution for Large Disk Enclosures
Guangyan Zhang and Zican Huang, Tsinghua University; Xiaosong Ma, Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU; Songlin Yang, Zhufan Wang, and Weimin Zheng, Tsinghua University (Refereed Paper Poster)

PEN: Design and Evaluation of Partial-Erase for 3D NAND-Based High Density SSDs
Chun-yi Liu and Jagadish Kotra, The Pennsylvania State University; Myoungsoo Jung, Yonsei University; Mahmut Kandemir, The Pennsylvania State University (Refereed Paper Poster)

UKSM: Swift Memory Deduplication via Hierarchical and Adaptive Memory Region Distilling
Nai Xia and Chen Tian, State Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University, China; Yan Luo and Hang Liu, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA; Xiaoliang Wang, State Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University, China (Refereed Paper Poster)

The CASE of FEMU: Cheap, Accurate, Scalable and Extensible Flash Emulator
Huaicheng Li, Mingzhe Hao, and Michael Hao Tong, University of Chicago; Swaminatahan Sundararaman, Parallel Machines; Matias Bjørling, CNEX Labs; Haryadi S. Gunawi, University of Chicago (Refereed Paper Poster)

Improving Docker Registry Design based on Production Workload Analysis
Ali Anwar, Virginia Tech; Mohamed Mohamed and Vasily Tarasov, IBM Research—Almaden; Michael Littley, Virginia Tech; Lukas Rupprecht, IBM Research—Almaden; Yue Cheng, George Mason University; Nannan Zhao, Virginia Tech; Dimitrios Skourtis, Amit S. Warke, Heiko Ludwig, and Dean Hildebrand, IBM Research—Almaden; Ali R. Butt, Virginia Tech (Refereed Paper Poster)

Stash in a Flash
Aviad Zuck, Technion—Israel Institute of Technology; Yue Li and Jehoshua Bruck, California Institute of Technology; Donald E. Porter, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Dan Tsafrir, Technion—Israel Institute of Technology (Refereed Paper Poster)

WAFL Iron: Repairing Live Enterprise File Systems
Ram Kesavan, NetApp, Inc.; Harendra Kumar, Composewell Technologies; Sushrut Bhowmik, NetApp, Inc. (Refereed Paper Poster)

Towards Web-based Delta Synchronization for Cloud Storage Services
He Xiao and Zhenhua Li, Tsinghua University; Ennan Zhai, Yale University; Tianyin Xu, UIUC; Yang Li and Yunhao Liu, Tsinghua University; Quanlu Zhang, Microsoft Research; Yao Liu, SUNY Binghamton (Refereed Paper Poster)

Fail-Slow at Scale: Evidence of Hardware Performance Faults in Large Production Systems
Haryadi S. Gunawi and Riza O. Suminto, University of Chicago; Russell Sears and Casey Golliher, Pure Storage; Swaminathan Sundararaman, Parallel Machines; Xing Lin and Tim Emami, NetApp; Weiguang Sheng and Nematollah Bidokhti, Huawei; Caitie McCaffrey, Twitter; Gary Grider and Parks M. Fields, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Kevin Harms and Robert B. Ross, Argonne National Laboratory; Andree Jacobson, New Mexico Consortium; Robert Ricci and Kirk Webb, University of Utah; Peter Alvaro, University of California, Santa Cruz; H. Birali Runesha, Mingzhe Hao, and Huaicheng Li, University of Chicago (Refereed Paper Poster)

Protocol-Aware Recovery for Consensus-Based Storage
Ramnatthan Alagappan and Aishwarya Ganesan, University of Wisconsin—Madison; Eric Lee, University of Texas at Austin; Aws Albarghouthi, University of Wisconsin—Madison; Vijay Chidambaram, University of Texas at Austin; Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau and Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau, University of Wisconsin—Madison (Refereed Paper Poster)

Designing a True Direct-Access File System with DevFS
Sudarsun Kannan, Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau, and Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau, University of Wisconsin—Madison; Yuangang Wang, Jun Xu, and Gopinath Palani, Huawei Technologies (Refereed Paper Poster)

RFLUSH: Rethink the Flush
Jeseong Yeon and Minseong Jeong, Chungbuk National University; Sungjin Lee, DGIST; Eunji Lee, Chungbuk National University, University of Wisconsin—Madison (Refereed Paper Poster)

Towards Robust File System Checkers
Om Rameshwar Gatla, Muhammad Hameed, and Mai Zheng, New Mexico State University; Viacheslav Dubeyko, Adam Manzanares, Filip Blagojevic, Cyril Guyot, and Robert Mateescu, Western Digital Research (Refereed Paper Poster)

Endurable Transient Inconsistency in Byte-Addressable Persistent B+-Tree
Deukyeon Hwang and Wook-Hee Kim, UNIST; Youjip Won, Hanyang University; Beomseok Nam, UNIST (Refereed Paper Poster)

The Full Path to Full-Path Indexing
Yang Zhan, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Alex Conway, Rutgers University; Yizheng Jiao, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Eric Knorr, Rutgers University; Michael A. Bender, Stony Brook University; Martin Farach-Colton, Rutgers University; William Jannen, Williams College; Rob Johnson, VMware Research; Donald E. Porter, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Jun Yuan, Stony Brook University (Refereed Paper Poster)

Barrier-Enabled IO Stack for Flash Storage
Youjip Won, Hanyang University; Jaemin Jung, Texas A&M University; Gyeongyeol Choi, Joontaek Oh, and Seongbae Son, Hanyang University; Jooyoung Hwang and Sangyeun Cho, Samsung Electronics (Refereed Paper Poster)

Clay Codes: Moulding MDS Codes to Yield an MSR Code
Myna Vajha, Vinayak Ramkumar, Bhagyashree Puranik, Ganesh Kini, Elita Lobo, Birenjith Sasidharan, and P. Vijay Kumar, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; Alexandar Barg and Min Ye, University of Maryland; Srinivasan Narayanamurthy, Syed Hussain, and Siddhartha Nandi, NetApp ATG, Bangalore (Refereed Paper Poster)

Logical Synchronous Replication in the Tintri VMstore File System
Gideon Glass, Arjun Gopalan, Dattatraya Koujalagi, Abhinand Palicherla, and Sumedh Sakdeo, Tintri, Inc (Refereed Paper Poster)

FStream: Managing Flash Streams in the File System
Eunhee Rho, Kanchan Joshi, Seung-Uk Shin, Nitesh Jagadeesh Shetty, Joo-Young Hwang, Sangyeun Cho, Daniel DG Lee, and Jaeheon Jeong, Samsung Electronics. Co., Ltd. (Refereed Paper Poster)

Improving SSD Performance Using Restricted Copyback Operations
Duwon Hong, Myungsuk Kim, Sangwook Shane Hahn, Yongseok Jin, and Jihong Kim, Seoul National University (WiP and Poster)

Fair down to the device: A GC-aware fair scheduler for SSD
Lun Wang, National Taiwan University; Cheng Ji, City University of Hong Kong; Liang Shi, Chongqing University; Chia-Lin Yang, National Taiwan University; Chun Jason Xue, City University of Hong Kong (WiP and Poster)

Mitigating FLUSH Command Overhead in Flash Memory based Storage
Taehyung Lee, Minho Lee, and Young Ik Eom, Sungkyunkwan University (WiP and Poster)

Automated Metric Extractor for Filesystem Traces
Pranav Bhandari and Avani Wildani, Emory University (WiP and Poster)

GraphAcc: A FPGA-based graph computation accelerator
Liang Xu, Andrew Ward, and Weijun Xiao, Virginia Commonwealth University (WiP and Poster)

Reducing Read Latency Fluctuations of Flash Storage Systems Using Preemptible Programs and Erases
Jisung Park, Jaehoon Lee, Myungsuk Kim, Myungjun Chun, and Jihong Kim, Seoul National University (WiP and Poster)

Tagged Consistency and Garbage Identification in Deduplication-enabled Storage Systems
Awais Khan, Changgyu Lee, Sungyoung Park, and Youngjae Kim, Sogang University (WiP and Poster)

blkCtrace: Lightweight Block I/O Layer Content Tracing on Linux
Donggyu Park, Youngjae Kim, and Sungyong Park, Sogang University; Junghee Lee, University of Texas at San Antonio (WiP and Poster)

Low-Cost Autonomous Backup Mechanism in SSD against Ransomware
Junghee Lee, University of Texas at San Antonio; Donghyun Min, Donggyu Park, Sungyong Park, and Youngjae Kim, Sogang University (WiP and Poster)

Employing NVM for Non-blocking Segment Cleaning in F2FS
Chang-gyu Lee, Hyunki Byun, Sungyong Park, and Youngjae Kim, Sogang University (WiP and Poster)

Kernel-Level Transaction Support via File-System-Managed WAL
Daejun Park and Dongkun Shin, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea (WiP and Poster)

Performance Improving with Virtual Copy at Multi-Core Solid State Drives
Kyuhwa Han and Dongkun Shin, SungKyunKwan University (WiP and Poster)

Eusocial Storage Devices
Philip Kufeldt, Huawei Technologies; Timothy Feldman and Christine Green, Seagate Technology; Grant Mackey, Western Digital Corporation; Carlos Maltzahn, UC Santa Cruz; Shingo Tanaka, Toshiba Memory Corporation (WiP and Poster)

Energy Efficient Mobile DB for Wearable Device
Sundoo Kim, Juseong Yun, and Youjip Won, Hanyang University (WiP and Poster)

Comparative Analysis of Auto-Tuning Techniques for Storage Systems
Zhen Cao, Stony Brook University; Vasily Tarasov, IBM Research Almaden; Sachin Tiwari and Erez Zadok, Stony Brook University (Poster only)

High-speed and Low-CPU-Usage Remote Data Access Mechanism
Kosuke Suzuki, Yuto Tamura, Koto Akane, Eiji Yoshida, and Kohta Nakashima, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. (Poster only)

Evaluation of Block Level Storage Replication for Storage Class Memory over Fast Network Interconnects
Akane Koto, Yuto Tamura, Kosuke Suzuki, and Kohta Nakashima, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. (Poster only)